Controlling Moisture and Maintaining Relative Humidity for Health

30 Aug

Relative Humidity for Health

The amount of water vapor turned in to humidity. There are must be proper balance in the level of humidity and extreme conditions can be very harmful. Both the high and low level humidity is not safe for human beings.

The level of humidity increases in the house because of common activities like cooking, bathing and washing. There are several other factors also which add the problem to this. It can be a basement or geographical location which is near to any water body.

At cold locations you must have felt the different between the inside and outside air temperature. Both have different quantity of water vapor and in order to maintain the house, you should learn about the making perfect balance.

With the advancement to technology and science, now it is quite possible to control the climate around. You can increase the overall life span of many household things like furniture, carpets through effective control on it. In addition to this it will also help you to lower down the bill of your house maintenance.

Relative humidity

We have already explained about the humidity but now you must be curious to know about the term relative humidity. It is kind of comparison about the capacity of air to contain the water vapor and actual amount of it in a specific temperature.

The capacity of air fluctuates according to the temperature. At full capacity means the air is already lifting the sufficient amount of water vapor it can hold at a particular temperature. However, this situation cannot be said ideal for human beings. In order to maintain the ideal living condition it must be around 30 to 50 percent. Too much dryness of air is also very harmful for the structure and other house hold things. In addition to this it is also very hard to survive in the low humidity for anyone.

Identify factors

In the direction to control the overall humidity level firstly you should identify the most common reasons which are increasing the humidity level of your house. Now you must be wondering what house hold activities they are. Firstly you should know that cooking, bathe, shower and washing are the major activities. When these activities are performed within the house, they add significant growth to in house humidity. In the summer days it is very hard to stay in the humid atmosphere because usually we felt more warm air. The reason is humidity in summer stop the process of sweat vaporizations. It stops the natural way of our body system to keeping the body cool. To increase indoor humidity level and still be able to keep allergies away, you can refer to one the best humidifiers reviewed on


Many people use air conditioning in order to maintain the relative humidity but those results in high energy bill. For this you can also install dehumidificators in your present house. You can also install this in the new buildings without any problem. This is the most economical and secures way to maintain the relative humidity.  You can also reduce the extreme hot and cold spots in your house in order to make a perfect balance.