Different Between Plantar Fasciitis and Gout

26 Dec


In order to know about the difference between plantar fasciitis and gout, we need to understand about both of them in details. Gout is a very serious medical condition where you have to deal with the utter muscles pain, stiffness and inflammation. Mostly this problem occurs because of the increased level of uric acid in the blood. It happens because of the imbalance in the metabolism of uric acid in the body.

How The problem of Gout Arise

To understand the problem of gout more clearly you must understand that our joints of the body are made from bones. All the bones of the synovial are put together by ligaments. These ligaments are capable of building the fibrous capsule. A certain type of liquid is created by the fibrous capsules which are called synovial fluid. This fluid is essential for the effective movements of the muscles. With the increased level of uric acids, this fluid is severely affected. Here the problem of gout takes birth and patients feel utter pain in the joints.

Gout Symptoms

There are some first symptoms of gout through which you can quickly recognize it. The pain of gout firstly starts from the toe and spread in the rest of the joints. Metatarsal frenzies joints are the first to suffer from the pain of gout. Later this infection spread to the rest of the body parts and increase the stiffness and pain in the joints. The patient usually complaints utter pain in the joints at night time. Inflammation of the joints can also be seen the different joints of the body. It is entirely possible that patients may start getting the feverish body and may feel utter tiredness.  It is more noticeable fact that most male suffers from this problem and it is a hereditary problem as well.

These were the facts which make the gout disease detectable. Now we are going to discuss the plantar fasciitis in detail.

Plantar Fasciitis

This pain is a problem which mainly occurs due to several different reasons. Mostly it occurs due to long-standing or waking hours. It can also happen due to aging factors. In general day to day life, you may have seen that some people complain about this when they are regularly wearing the shoes which are not meant according to their feet size. The best part is that this problem can also go away with taking some regular rest and improve the daily routine. You can also make certain changes in the habit of wearing shoes. Check out the articles shared on PlantarFasciitisSupport.net for more details.


Gout problem is more intense and severe as a comparison to the issue of plantar fasciitis. You need to have proper medication in the case of gout, and there are hardly any other remedies available through which you can give the guaranteed treatment of it. Gout disease is also targeting the male gender, but the plantar fasciitis is common with both genders. Heredity is the main reason behind gout but in the case of plantar fasciitis routine activities, shoes, walking or standing hours and over exercise are the general factors.